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to address the problem of food security. But with a population expanding by 4 million a year, it will also soon turn to the world market for grain. From 1870 to 2010, 87 per cent of deaths from famine occurred in Asia and Eastern Europe, with only.2 per cent in Africa. Retrieved Chisholm, Hugh,. Town labourers were also at risk because their wages would be insufficient to cover the cost of grain, and, to make matters worse, they often received less money in bad-crop years since the disposable income of the wealthy was spent on grain. For example, during the Great famines in India entire provinces were depopulated. Changing weather patterns, the ineffectiveness of medieval governments in dealing with crises, wars, and epidemic diseases such as the Black Death helped to cause hundreds of famines in Europe during the Middle Ages, including 95 in Britain and 75 in France.

128 129 Evan Fraser, a geographer at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, explores the ways in which climate change may affect future famines. "Famine in Africa, A Failure of the World System?".

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The Great Famine in Ireland, 18461851, caused by the failure of the potato crop over a few years, resulted in 1,000,000 dead and another 2,000,000 refugees fleeing to Britain, Australia and the United States. In an analysis of the programme by the Overseas Development Institute, cabda's focus on individual and community capacity-building is highlighted. Retrieved Top 10 culprits' for Horn of Africa hunger". These events are comparable, though somewhat smaller in scale, to the ecological trigger events of China's vast 19th-century famines. The total absence of agriculture in an economically strong area does not cause famine; Arizona and other wealthy regions import the vast majority of their food, krakauer thesis into the wild since such regions produce sufficient economic goods for trade. Srivastava,.C., The History of Indian Famines from, Sri Ram Mehra and., Agra, 1968. The government hoped that they would not "stifle private enterprise" and that their actions would not act as a disincentive to local relief efforts. Retrieved " Fatal Failure: Did Aid Agencies Let Up To 100,000 Somalis Die in 2011? Archived 12 February 2009 at the Wayback Machine. Note Approximately.4 billion people live in the drainage basin of the Himalayan rivers. GrĂ¡da, Cormac; Chevet, Jean-Michel (2002). This prompted the Band Aid single, which was organized by Bob Geldof and featured more than 20 pop stars.