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for equal rights? It would be a very dull universe for any intelligent being were everything of importance to be known. Astronomers believe that we have been able to see only 5 of the universe due to its vastness. But perhaps most evocative of all is this meditation from pioneering astronomer. We may never understand the entire universe, but we can sure appreciate the fact that its so complex that it eludes. To this day, scientists arent sure what it was, and generally figure that it was a meteor or a fragment of a comet. Fragments - an incomplete sentence. Why did it explode in the air? Is it a dimension, like space?

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The smartest guys in the world get headaches from this one. Bersanelli and Gargantini synthesize these sentiments beautifully: The wonder is not in fact circumscribed and delimited in advance of knowledge, as is commonly thought. Black holes are thought to form from stars or other massive objects if and when they collapse from their own gravity to form an object whose density is infinite. Enrico Fermi, however, pointed out that if life is that common, then it is virtually impossible that we havent yet detected any signs of other intelligent life in the universe. Carl Sagan reminds us that if we exist, then, no matter how rare intelligence is in the universe, given how huge the universe is, we must have many neighbors out there somewhere. Carl Sagan But in Sagans words we also find an essential reminder that curiosity is its own infinite reward and not a mere means to some greater, finite end of knowledge. I do not believe that the spirit of the scientific enterprise threatens to disappear from our world. Or perhaps its just too complex for human minds to grasp.

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