a true muslim essay

no concept of phytoremediation related to scintific study of plants although it was introduce for about 300 years ago(Lasat, 2000).Pollution is controlled by the process of phytoremediation with the help of plants as during this process toxic metals are degraded. Chromium also interrupts certain mechanisms related to respiration and photosynthesis processes, water and minerals uptake mechanism. Mechanisms by which they mediate the deleterious effects of the Reactive Oxygen Species ROS. Muslims should attain excellence in every field of life. He fasts during the whole month of Ramazan.

Being un essential plants have no specific mechanism to uptake the chromium so different type of compounds such as sulfate through sulfate transporters are used for its transport. Chromium interfares with many metabolic processes and deviate them from normal, harmful effects of chromium can be seen by reduced growth and phyto mass, chlorosis, impaired photosynthesis, stunting and finally plant death ( Rai,.et al 2002) (Sharma et al,.1995). He is expected to live for him and also die for him since the world belongs to Allah. He knows that the purpose of his life is to please allah. Some factors like biochemical changes in fields, reducing of root and shoot length and lowering the number of branches due to chromium.( Purohit et al,.2003). Therefore, a true Muslim is someone that devotes all his life to serve Allah the almighty. Therefore, a true Muslim is conscious about his action because he knows that he will be answerable for his deeds and actions. He is expected to pay Zakat and perform Hajj.

A true muslim essay
a true muslim essay

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The life of a Muslim should reflect the true spirit of Islam that is visible in his action. A muslim has a firm faith in allah. He is not expected to violate the golden principles of Islam that are mentioned above. A true Muslim never a miser nor spendthrift. He is always broad minded. Toxic effects of chromium highly depend on the different states of the oxidative states. For fear of Allah, a true Muslims do not engage in anything that does not please Allah since they believe that Allah is present everywhere and see every person. Additionally plants rising in chromium-stressed environment face a potential risk from reactive oxygen species (ROS) like superoxide (O2 hydroxyl radicals (OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Essay on, a True, muslim

a true muslim essay

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