essay on sarus cranes

and closer, till the moment they got suspicious and flew away making a screeching sound. The Indian, Southeast Asian and Australian subspecies differ mainly in plumage shade. My wish finally came true near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. Overall, Sarus cranes numbers are decreasing today and they are classified as vulnerable (VU) on the list of threatened species. Reproduction: Strong pair bond, mates for life. . Australia, the Sarus can easily be mistaken for the Brolga. Description: It is the world's tallest flying bird. Geography, countries, australia, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, climate zones, habits and Lifestyle, sarus cranes are regarded as the least social crane species. Pairs that are non-breeding flock together in bigger wetland cyber warfare research paper areas. Chicks can follow the adults from the day they hatch, and they fledge 85 to 100 days from hatching, when they are able to make their first flight.

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essay on sarus cranes

The Sarus Crane is easily distinguished from other cranes in the region by the overall grey color and the contrasting red head and upper neck.
View of a Sarus Crane in the middle of lush green fields is always a brilliant spectacle.
Id seen sarus cranes before.
But mostly from running trains passing through the fecund hinterlands of Northern India.
Nevertheless, the bright white body and scarlet head of the crane in the middle of lush green.

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The color of the body ranges from bluish-gray to lighter gray. This article is licensed under the. Males are larger than Females but otherwise identical in appearance. . The eyes are tiny and as red as the rest of their heads. Unlike many how to write a compare contrast thesis statement cranes which make long migrations, the Sarus Crane does not. If a sarus crane lays two eggs, there is a 48- hour gap between the first and second egg. In flight, the long neck is kept straight, unlike herons, and the black wing tips can be seen; their long red or pink legs trail behind them. They can therefore be considered a territorial species.

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