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figurative (assume sth will fail) ne pas miser sur qch I wouldn't bet against his getting the promotion. Julie est tombée du train en route. It was a classical BAM! What does that original magical 'Organza' smells like? Laisse l'échelle contre le mur quand tu ne t'en sers pas. Brazenly but the sign of a great nose and the proof a Personality Fragrance, a Frag with a Face. Still the best and most original of all those Minogue fragrances and way above run of the mill, generic floral fruit vanilla caramel sugary concoctions of other celebs. Cette année, j'ai décidé de ne pas partir en vacances car j'ai perdu mon emploi.

Il ne vient jamais quand on l'invite. According to the manufacturer (and with my tester bottle the current EDT version brings, on the output, notes of Mandarin, galbanum, a touch of Basil and pine needles oil (fresh-woody aroma infinium oil (a catalyzing agent, based on the barley in the heart; Ironwood (from. To sum up, it is no longer the same sweet and rich in vanilla fragrance, also became more synthetic, but is still powerful and, dare I say, more masculine than before. Totalement contre Je voulais aller aux Beaux-Arts mais mes parents étaient totalement contre. Bid against sb (make a competing offer against) enchérir contre vi prép bring sth, bring sth against sb (legal: put forward) engager She brought a lawsuit against her employer. Abby a d suivre l'homme contre son gré. Consommer de la marijuana est illégal. That's the difference between a perfume classic and a lot for contemporary vanilla fruity florals.

Lash out against sb vi phrasal prep (attack verbally) s'en prendre à v pron prép se déchaner contre v pron prép She bottles up her anger towards her mother and then lashes out against her husband for no reason. Legally) faire face à loc v prép count against sb vi prep (be detrimental) desservir, désavantager porter préjudice à His criminal record will count against him when he starts applying for jobs. Le Congrès s'est opposé au projet de loi du Président. Hope against hope (stay optimistic) espérer malgré tout We are hoping against hope that one day he'll come home. Voir également : Paramètres : Cliquer sur le mot : donne une traduction ne donne rien, recherches récentes : Liens : WordReference English-French Dictionary 2018: Principales traductions against (in opposition to) contre, out of 650 votes, there were only three against the motion.

Three immediate aspects emerge. She also made Kylie Minogues 'Sexy Darling'. Against all odds (highly improbably) contre toute attente Julie fell out of the moving train. Fight back against sth/sb vi phrasal prep (try to combat) se women in ads essays battre contre, se défendre contre v pron prép fight back against sth/sb vi phrasal prep figurative (try to combat) ( figuré ) se battre contre, se défendre contre v pron prép find against sb (law. Hating or loving 'Organza' separates the girls from the women for. Its a fragrance called by many as mutant, what attracts me as a user and, above all, as reviewer. All that in a perfume bottle. Oscar a perdu son argent parce qu'il a parié contre le cheval gagnant. Contre toute attente, elle a survécu.

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