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have shaped their own lives. . Installation view, cataloguing Time at Sapar Contemporary (all images courtesy Sapar Contemporary). In this manner, and in the numerous other considerations articulated above, Schwegers paintings ultimately reflect the democratic ideals that libraries representopen to all students, wanderers, (and, possibly, spirits) alike and providing access to a broad history of expression and thought. . Zsofia Schweger, Edel Assanti, London, UK - 2017, zsofia Schweger, Lundgren Gallery, Palma, Spain - 2017, bLOC. The House was Quiet and the World Was Calm. Cole Award - 2015 Nominated for Chadwell Award - 2015 Harriet. Basics and essentials are a defining characteristic of Zsofia Schwegers paintings of domestic, and now public, interiors streamlined to present only their structural and functional properties. . The music accompanying the library sequence. Johanna Unzueta: Nodes, encounter.

Her perspectival approach suggests the influence on her work of the American painter and photographer Charles Sheeler (18831965 whose artistic legacy she became acquainted with while studying at Wellesley College in the United States. . Boston's Hidden Sacred Spaces, randall Armor, Wendy Cadge, Alice Friedman. May 11 - June 1, 2018.

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The possibility is held in abeyance: to access these preserves of learning, ordered and structured for a reader who is always on the horizon. . What I remember of Senate Houses rooms resemble Schwegers paintings: rows of books that in the distance tend to be differentiated by height, thickness, and color, and up close become entire worlds of information to explore. Zsofia Schwegers paintings, at Sapar Contemporary, Im pulled back into the atmosphere of this lyric: The house was quiet and the world was calm / The reader became the book; and summer night / Was like the conscious being of the book. Jewett Art Gallery, february 2 - March 9, 2018. Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 and has been supported by several generous prizes. Closer and more concentrated scrutiny and consideration reveals the almost imperceptible imprecision of hand-made lines to construct spaces in which the absence of a figure provides all the more encouragement for us to see ourselves in their confines. .