apocalypto analysis essay

fate and the way they finally give up makes it a definite Tear Jerker as well. The good guys lose the final battle, virtually all the major characters (and the more memorable red shirts) are wiped out and although the main character does eventually help the emperor see the light, it is too late to save the Samurai and their way. Of course, that ending sucked, so they went with the Scooby Doo ending for a brief period before settling on the "Super Happy" ending. The villain escapes with nothing more than a broken arm. You know it's bad when the best you can say about it is "hey, at least not everybody dies". You are the most wonderful person in the world. The result leads to Hyo-jin murdering her mother and grandmother and then Jong-Goo. The only thing that stops it from becoming a total Downer Ending is the hint that he will go to Heaven. It adds salt into the wound by allowing for a very possible interpretation that it was racially motivated.

In Ex Machina, Ava manages to escape. S Sal, or the 120 Days of Sodom ends with the remaining teen prisoners getting tortured and executed by the four libertines and several of their guards in some of the most brutal ways possible. Devdas, the Bollywood analogue to Romeo and Juliet. At the end of Would You Rather, Iris wins the game, along with her brother's bone-marrow treatment and enough cash to get out of debt. Aragorn has to choose between following Frodo and Sam or trying to save the other two Hobbits. While the driver is gone, Quiltface shows up and steals the car with our hero inside. Missing ends with Charlie confirmed dead and Ed unsuccessfully attempting to sue the US government for their complicity in his son's death. Rex at first refuses, but then Raymond reminds him of how he will be tormented with uncertainty of having never known what happened to Saskia and missing the opportunity to learn for all eternity. The main character dies a horrible death by eye-gouging.

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