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asked to note how long ago the event happened, how much it hurt at the time, how many times they had talked about the experience, and how painful the experience felt now. Rebuttal: Examine opposing arguments (counterarguments) and offer rebuttal. Because we are pretty good at keeping these memories at bay. You on the other hand, you are probably sitting there, like a dog with its tail between its legs, scared to do anything other than stand there and shake. They were jailed time and time again, but when they were released, they continued to preach.

Why do words hurt more than actions sometimes?
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Words speak louder, while in some cases they do, most of the time words are better than actions. Men dont use words to get their point across as much as they use actions. As a whole, you can be nice and live the gospel life all day long, but skeptics these days don't care. A perfext example is that if someone sees u and busts into tears, they obviously have a strong and emotional feeling about u, but at the same time u are not able to understand the feeling. Sometimes our words cnnot show who we truly are or what we mean.

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