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yields First, assume a spherical cow reminds us that mathematical models are only as good as the plausibility of their assumptions and their applicability to real problems. Pinker has answered this, tooand without the slightest need for any groupishness. Nor shall I talk about ecological replacement, nor 'species selection' nor 'clade selection' 1, all of which have contributed to the irritating muddle of ideas that have been, at one time or another, subsumed under "group selection". When Pinker asks whether groups can be like genes and group selection can be like gene selection, he is comparing apples and oranges. 2 Matthew Boyd 2011. Yet modern egalitarian political institutions are the result men in the handmaid's tale essay of such collective actions. However, it is clear that the development of tools, weapons, and cultural objects required cultural norms promoting cooperation.

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Finally, if there was any place where biologists expected a causal explanation of the organism to emerge clearly, it was in the study of Caenorhabditis elegans, a one-millimeter-long, transparent roundworm whose private molecular and cellular affairs may have been more exhaustively exposed than those. 1 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108,32 (2011 Proceedings of the Royal Society B 366, 2011 3 Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 24, 2011 According to Pinker, group selection "adds nothing to conventional history" as a time i was persuasive essay should always an explanation of cultural change. To Explain or Portray? When critics suggested he had not really come to an understanding of the worm, but had only described it, Brenner responded, Im not sure that there necessarily is anything more to understand than what it is (Lewin 1984). Do Formal Models of Group Selection Explain Human Altruism? It may tell us something about the strength of group selection in humans that clearcut cases of genetic traits selected against within the group, but favored at the group level have not yet been established.

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