happy birthday essay for dad

there was always a possibility I could have. We called him "The General" because he was the alpha male of alpha males but, anyone who knew him knew that when he was around. I have reflected on myself as a person, as a mother, as a woman, as a wife and of course, as a daughter. With your little formal education worked hard to raise us to be proper human beings with morals, values and respect for society and people. You are a professor in The School of Life. I was very shy and had my fair share of bullying, but you always gave me pep talks about how to deal with bullies.

You always had faith. With my soul, and all my heart. You taught me to be passionate and fearless regardless of what others thought. You showed me that embracing your faults as well as your strengths and using both is where true strength of character is found. Ibpf, her blogs for, healthy Minds Canada, or visit her personal blog. You are my dream holiday french essay a professor in your own way. You never worried that I would be any less capable of doing whatever it is I wanted. I always tried my best in school and in life and tried to be a good daughter so you and Mom would never have to worry about. With no help from anyone built a life full of abundance, full of love and most importantly full of laughter. I hope its a wonderful day.