essay on soil pollution in punjabi language

of the following : 100 (a) Power of the press (b) An ideal college (c) The technological miracles of the twentieth century (d) An encounter with an astrologer (e) Cowards die many times before their. (b) Of the words given in brackets, choose the one that, you think, is appropriate to fill in the blanks : 10 (i) The book has been. (b) Use the following words in your own sentences, each both as a noun and a verb : 10 practice; question; complement; substitute; crop. (b) Rewrite the following sentences using It in the beginning as a subject. (d) Should we avoid ambition? (b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition/particle and rewrite the completed sentences: (5) (i) I told him that he could not catch a big fish _ a small rod. Saucony, merrell, accessoires, leki, garmin, polar, salomon.

(prosecution, persecution) (vii) No meeting of the.of ministers has been scheduled for tomorrow. (ix) By studying hard, his grades improved.

(a) Fill in the blanks using the appropriate form of the words given below: (10) offensive, imagination, psychological, conceive, vacation, entire, enthusiasm, lacerating, deify, margin (i) I do not believe in the.of an essay on save power save energy ordinary politician. If the masses are educated in social science, its elementary principles at any rate, there will be a gradual lessening of the number of beggars in our country. How do you manage with so little to eat? What are Indias important development schemes? The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question. Blog post share articles, tutorials, guides,"s, thoughts, slogans, stories subscribe. (v) The poor people of the village buy neither vegetables nor grow them, (vi) On entering the hail, the humber of visitors surprised me (vii) The short story should not exceed more than two hundred words. (vii) If it will rain, we shall stay back. (d) Why is it not easy to forecast the weather? (iv) The thief broke the window open.

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