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employees be part of decision making? Often women prisons are guarded by men who sometimes sexually assault and abuse the female inmates. Everything is being done to make sure that the rights of prisoners are not violated since they are human beings just like everybody else. While incarcerated show more content, a prison sentence provides immediate and tough punishment. State, or other authorities because of overcrowding in their own facilities. Sometimes the convicted and those not convicted are kept together where they share their criminal experiences which may lead to contamination and influence among the inmates. Since this number is increasing daily there is need to check and improve prison conditions for women prisoners. Women prisoners should be provided with clean beddings; each prisoner should have a good mattresses, blankets and sheets. Therefore in this approach, the best way to reduce present day and future crimes is to keep serious offenders in jail.

The Workplace and Jail. View my Saved Essays. Grade level: High School. Jails and prisons are corrective institutions which are meant to curb criminal activities in the society. Jails and prisons should basically be aimed at punishing and rehabilitating the offender so as he/she will not repeat the crime which he/she was convicted.

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Next Essays Related to The Corrections System (Criminal Justice). For example, almost all CEOs who participated reservation essay in hindi in a survey in the.S. Once an offender has been sentenced the corrections stage begins. Keep in mind that criminals are incarcerated and not able to cause further harm. When women are taken to prison they leave their families and even young children behind. The infants should be allowed to stay with their mothers for as long as possible in order for them to have a good connection with their mothers. Companies can increase the productivity of their staff by improving their working conditions and by giving rewards and promotions. To prevent spread of contagious diseases, sharing of clothing among women prisoners should not be tolerated.