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of a show called The Vegetable Friends involving costumed character versions of the VeggieTales cast playing in their house in between the stories, and it also included music videos where the characters traveled to different places. Abdel latif, Yasser (Egypt The Law of Inheritance, translated by Tarek Sherif, 26, 98-103. And let's not forget the original Star Trek frame story, "The Menagerie the only 2-parter of the original series, which was a frame story added around the original pilot episode whose differences from the regular series were justified by claiming it took place 13 years. Furthermore, the early episodes featuring the narrow gauge engines were framed as Thomas telling the other engines a story about them.

The Book of Lost Tales the original draft of the book that would later be published as The Silmarillion employs a Framing Device in which a Man from England, lfwine/Eriol, discovers the lost island of the Elves and is told the ancient tales of their. In the novel version of The Princess Bride, the actual author explains that he's condensing the original book, by "S. THE story OF THE blind baba-abdalla. Several Redwall books are framed by an Abbeydweller telling a story to a group of Dibbuns. The tales use a sweeping variety of settings, including Baghdad, Basrah, Cairo and Damascus, as well as China, Greece, India, North Africa and Turkey. Geoffrey Chaucer 's The Canterbury Tales has the framing device of a group of pilgrims telling each other stories to pass the time on their journey. Stormy Weather has Bill Williamson finding an old magazine article about himself, and then telling the story of his life to his neighbour's kids. Halo : The Forerunner Saga books all have this: Halo: Cryptum is framed as an archived testimony of the Forerunner Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting. All of KaBlam!, Nick's first Animated Anthology series, is framed by the show's hosts Henry and June, two ten-year-olds who would lampshade animation tropes and talk to the audience while getting into their own mishaps. Much of the narration even sounds muffled due to David wearing a mask at the time.

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