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invoking safe harbor in good faith, then the nurse may choose to seek private legal counsel. The Board protects the public through ensuring that nurses know and conform to minimum standards through rules that implement the statutes, and through additional resource documents such as position statements, interpretive guidelines, and frequently asked questions available on the web page.texas. The dshs immunization web site is Can an RN delegate vaccination administration? The LVNs scope of practice requires that his or her nursing practice be directed by an appropriately licensed supervisor,.g. Their importance spans a great deal of other aspects that underlie most forms of medical treatment. As defined in 217.11 (2 A) the scope of practice for an LVN is limited to performance of a hands-on focused assessment of an individual client. An LVN should not perform a cosmetic procedure if the LVN lacks the necessary educational preparation, knowledge, competency, or skill to safely perform the procedure; lacks an order for the procedure; or lacks appropriate supervision. Off label use of a medication may be supported by research and literature that addresses the necessary knowledge, required safeguards and risks associated with the off label use of the medication. Revised 2017 Back to Topics BON Rules and Regulations Relating to Telenursing/Telehealth What are the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) Rules and Regulations Relating to Telenursing/Telehealth?

Nurses must accept only those assignments that are within the nurse's knowledge, skills, and abilities, and seek instruction as necessary in order to maintain competency when performing tasks in any practice setting BON Rule 217.11 (1 (A (B (G (R) and (T). Failure to cooperate will result in administrative dismissal from the Nursing Program. . References Texas Board of Nursing Rules Regulations Revised August 20 Back to Topics LVNs and Nursing Care Plans Can an halloween border letter writing paper LVN initiate/develop the nursing care plan? Senate Bill 476 from the 81st Legislative Session, may be able to invoke protections against employer retaliation as outlined in NPA Section 301.352, Protection for Refusal to Engage in Certain Conduct. . Glucagon is prescribed to thousands of students with diabetes.