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Sherrie Levine by Jeanne Siegel. (1956 a work widely considered as a seminal precursor to Pop art. It is evident also that the image is haunted by its ghosts, suspended and displaced as it is, in a controversial mediatic world that promises adventures, memories, myths and dreams. The discourse and attention surrounding the concept of appropriation is so extensive that we must consider it an art form. The photographic effect can only be verified through its iterations by the viewer. So whether the artists intent is purely representing a personal side of themselves to an audience, or to provoke controversy and questioning from the public, the use of appropriation is a useful strategy of postmodernity as it requires the participation of audience thought to make. Appropriation in a wide sense is not new in art, all artists learn by copying, by borrowing and using styles and forms from what came before.

In 1979 she photographed work by photographer Walker Evans from 1936. Here Prince has re-photographed and re-proportioned an summary about learning being in nursing field essay image from an advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes. In art, appropriation is seen as using (or taking) someone elses artwork, manipulating it and ultimately changing the whole meaning behind the work. There is also a possible death motif in reference to the Cold War and the anxiety of the Atomic age of the post-WW2 West. For Duchamp, the work of the artist was in selecting the object. British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol 45,. Appropriation is fundamentally the act of taking something from somewhere else and placing it into a new context. Imant Tillers use of"tion and appropriation has seen him classified as one of the early postmodern painters.

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