essay about child abduction

such as police, teachers, doctors who could help them. Flo Crowley, argosy University Online,. Abducted children are often told lies about the abduction and the left-behind parent. Detective Ryan O'Connell, 30 year police veteran advises, "You have to drill into your children the fact that noise is their best defense in the face of abduction. awareness skills and how to use some strict guidelines. We make them take vitamins. Moreover, it is essential to know where the kids are going, who is with them and when they are suppose to return home. Other than that, parents should also listen to their kids problem. Another consequence is their physical will be affected. They will increase the risk of living alone.

The same applies to the child who has been abducted. Some abductions cause short and long term health problems, such as, Acute Stress Disorder, ASD, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, ptsd, which affects the general population at large. Of kidnapping victims, 40 are killed,. Besides that, an implantable chip touted is another effective solution for child kidnapping.

They prefer to be alone rather than socializing with their friends. It is all about prevention and learning new behavioral skills that will make a significant change. There are severe physical punishment that inappropriate to childs age which is punch, kick, bite, hit with hand or object, push or throw. Statistics According to Kenny Love (2012). Their bad experience makes them to draw into conclusion that aggression will make people more respect to them. The point being is no child should be touched, abused, and or kidnapped ever. In criminal laws, kidnapping means taking away or asportation of a person against the persons will. According to Professor Bassel van Der Kolk(n. Abduction dangers are real and imminent.