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console. Our analysis thus yields both electrical and thermal conditions permitting optimal use of a thermoelectric generator. 49 Schematic Diagram Figure. Battery Voltage Gained Within Charging. Foreign Studies Thermoelectric power generation offers a promising technology in the direct conversion of waste-heat energy, into electrical power. Proper monitoring and control is employed to ensure synchronized system operation and maximum efficiency (Landa, 2010). We also conclude that there is no specific temperature needed in order to make the TEC produce voltages. 36 Flow Chart Figure.

Mesa, Manila objective To be able to apply my current skills in the industry, and to gain more knowledge and experience that may contribute in my professional and personal progress in the field of Computer Engineering. This will make sure that the battery will not reach the lowest voltage and percentage which will also prevent battery malfunction. The researchers can say that this project is somehow expensive in the process of producing the final project. 33 appendilock Diagram.

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Convenient way of Charging a Gadget (i.e cellphone, tablet, powerbank ) Directions: Please put a check mark to select or choose your answer. Usefulness.1 The ordinary charger can be used only with the power of electricity.2 Highly Agree.2 Charging time of gadgets depends on the wattage of the charger.8 Agree. 4 The system in the study will make use of the Seebeck Effect, which is the process of producing voltage from the temperature difference across a Thermoelectric Cooler. 19.3 It can be used indoor only.5 Agree Average Weighted Mean.78 Interpretation: Agree proposed project indicators Weighted Mean Interpretationa. Refer to the scheme shown above. It is recommended that you do this until the systems battery percentage reaches 100 and voltage.80 volts. TEC or Thermoelectric Coolers are devices that convert heat (temperature differences) directly into electrical energy, using a phenomenon called the Seebeck effect (a form of thermoelectric effect).

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