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they actually enjoyed the gag and Brain Guy is being way too hard on himself. Was actually pretty funny." Dragon Ball Z Abridged : Subverted when Frieza makes a Double Entendre pun while handing out a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Nail. Similarly, when Margret and Hawkeye are lost behind enemy lines she confesses that many times in OR she would be grinning from ear to ear behind her mask when he got a good one off on Frank. When she learns he half-convinced Velanna (an elf) that dwarves hatch from rocks, however. Second Life is a good example. Black Widow: I think most men prefer to masturbate rather than take a cold shower. Which gives said Missionary the distraction he needs to help Syrena.

The only way to remove embarrassment is for the subject to be able to laugh at oneself. It's no secret that everyone hates him, but the circumstances involving his cameo in Season 10 was actually pretty funny. Now I'm not saying she's fat, her high school picture was an aerial photograph. Then he reads part of it that he seems to find very funny - it makes him laugh out loud for a few seconds - but then he quickly regains his composure and crosses it out too, saying "No" again.

In This Bites!, a One Piece Self Insert fic: Cross's reaction to the second time Soundbite scares him with his Noise-Noise powers. Willie says "Felix, you don't like them because you've never tried them adding, "do you want to play a trick on Oscar?". They have very different tastes, but occasionally, one will admit "That was actually pretty clever." Sluggy Freelance has an interesting one when a man is torturing Torg for information. Western Animation In The Simpsons : In "Cape Feare Marge scolds Bart for somehow tattooing "Wide load" on Homer's rear, but then chuckles at it behind his back. A later scene shows the teacher with her lover, commenting that it took her half an hour before she realized they weren't coming back to which her lover comments that the idea was actually pretty funny and they both start laughing. Then after a short pause, Steele asks, "pretty funny, hooah? In " The Witch's Familiar the Doctor has to laugh at Davros' response when he reveals that until just then he had believed Davros was faking it and wasn't really dying: Davros: Then we have established one thing only. Then he eventually tried it on Rorschach and got thrown down an elevator shaft. Your face is on the phone. When her father approaches her to talk her out of how to write a cause or effect essay the surgery. In The British Reformation Harry unintentionally insults the director of Gringotts East by asking if he and his entourage have taken the oath of secrecy Harry's project requires. Master Chief : that WAZ SUM funny ASS shit beat Arbiter : You know, that actually WAS kinda funny.