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and about 75 have been released back into the wild. As usual, my inbox was ringing constantly with different reports. In the best of all possible worlds Harambe would not have lived as a caged animal and the little boy would not have entered Harambe's home. Petitions were placed on line blaming the childs mother for how do u define a hero essay the gorillas death. We can't undo Harambe's death but we can, and must, ask these sorts of questions. For example, on some national news programs the evening of Sunday May 29, the story of Harambe was immediately followed by a report of a shootout in Houston, Texas, in which two people were killed and six injured. The boy apparently told his mother he wanted to meet Harambe and crawled under a rail and over the wall of the moat. To put it simply, its a beast and it is not fair to kill it for acting like one. Note: Carol Gigliotti's comment captures much of what others and I are writing about: The underlying issue is the way we treat animals in general, as objects for our use, and I felt that blaming the mother of the child, for this admittedly tragic instance, obscured and muddled that. Following Harambes death, I have been observing the hate mechanism. If you have closely interacted with children you would know that, once you turn your back, theyll be up to some kind of mischief or the other.

Why Was the Gorilla Harambe Killed at the Cincinnati Zoo Zoo Shooting: Did Harambe the Gorilla Need to Die?

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Look no further than the 6-month-old waterskiiers parents. The real issue behind Harambes death is that of responsibility and accountability, or rather the lack of both. In all, Harambe's freedoms were taken from him the moment he was born into captivity and his protection taken from him when his space was violated by human activities. What Zoos Need to Do for Zood Animals "I s Going to a Zoo Like Shopping for a Car? Her interests include reading and writing. It is no rocket science to understand that this is how animals are. what can be done to avoid such unnecessary killings? The reason this ape was killed was because a four-year-old fell into his enclosure.

Moving forward, caretakers, who are responsible for the day-to-day well-being of the zoo's residents and who form personal relationships with them, must be involved in preparing for emergency situations such as this. Shooting an endangered animal is worse than murder: Grief over gorillas death turns to outrage. Miller goes on, "Harambe's hold on the child and his sheltering of the child inside his stance, are all indications of protection. Let's be sure Harambe did not die in vain.

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