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the driver for the realization of this lewis and clark thesis statement thesis was also my personal interest because I am active in the role as Business Development Manager Banking at SAP for the region Southeast Europe. 2.1 Definition of retail banking business.1.1 Defining the business segment Question 1: According to which criterias the bank defines the retail banking business segment? Other non-controllable13 segmentation criterias are usually used like marital status, age, sex, residence country, and price sensitivity. Of course, each bank on his own sets the limits when a customer is wealthy or not based on internal regulations and calculations. 2.3.1 Management of customer revenue.3.2 Cost Management.3.3 Decreasing loyalty of the retail clients and higher expectations.3.4 Increased competition between traditional banks and new banks.3.5 Consolidation in Retail-banking.3.6 Introducing Internet as a new channel for e-banking services.3.7 Summary of Business. 1.3 Objectives To understand what the new perspectives are, the aim of the thesis is to develop a problem solution for giving the answer and recommendations about new chances and opportunities for customer orientation process in Greek retail banking sector. In addition, the swot-Analysis of the three key players in the Greek retail banking market identifies their internal and external capabilities of their current customer oriented strategies. Beside of this known face of Greece the last years Greek economy is one of the boosting economies in the European community. As an example, End of the 90s as Internet usage grows Deutsche Bank in Germany launches as a first retail-bank their Bank24 Internet Banking offering. The private sector and households mainly demanded banking products as deposits, consumer credits, mortgages- and building loans, credit cards and services as customer advisory, phone banking and Internet banking. 1.5 Out of scope The thesis focuses only on the retail banking business not for private or corporate banking business.

D) with a thesis in the area of Marketing of Financial Services. He has also done his Masters in Business Administration. Retail banking space available from various sources as per.

2 Understanding customer behavior in retail banking, the impact of the credit crisis across Europe Without doubt, the credit crisis has had a profound and lasting effect on the way in which European customers interact with the banks that they serve.
The aim of this thesis is to study branding in the retail banking industry, focusing on the target group of young consumers in Finland.
This first section will introduce the.

Its not an IT user manual for CRM systems implementation and doesn't describe any CRM IT-architecture in detail.6 Methodical Approach The research methodology of this thesis is based on ias essay 2008 paper a combination of different analysis and research instruments to derive the problem solution from the. Therefore, the banks segment their customers. Usually banks use the income and assets situation, which are socio-economic segmentation criterias to segment their customers between wealthy private customers and non-wealthy private customers12. Alpha-Insurance) together with their retail banking product portfolio. The internet channel was suitable only for a part of the banking services as for example payments or account information but useless for any banking consultancy services. Therefore following questions results:. However, in our every day speech, the term is very common but we do not know exactly the precise meaning. This thesis describes on a scientific and methodical method the problem of the slowly market saturation in the retail banking sector and develops a problem solution based on the question of how new perspectives and chances will arise through implementation of customer-orientation to support long-term.

Retail Banking, industry Defining and Delivering Value for Your Next-Generation Business January 2017 Cisco Financial Services Digital Transformation Group financia[email protected] Digital Transformation for the, retail Banking, industry 2 Contents. Retail Banking in Greece - New perspectives through customer orientation in a slowly saturated market - Niko Mikopoulos - Bachelor. Thesis - Business economics, banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting - Publish your bachelor s or master s thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay. Services sector-the demand for banking services, especially retail banking, mortgages and investment services are expected to be strong.

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