advantages and disadvantages of biofuels essay

extremely positive influence on countrys economy and provides a large number of new jobs for the local people. After all, out of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of insects, bacteria, and fungi that can inhabit a single field of crops, at least a few are likely (by chance alone) to be resistant to the chemicals we use to kill them. Monoculture, Genetic Engineering, and Biodiversity, it is easier to grow a large quantity of a single crop if it is all very uniform. The accelerated rate of deforestation would lead to a plethora of already-well-publicized problems. Much of this could rely on the ability of energy producers to discover better plants to raise for fuel that use less water, less land, and grows quickly. Biofuels were once touted as the saviors of the economy and the answers to our ever growing energy needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of biofuels essay
advantages and disadvantages of biofuels essay

advantages and disadvantages of biofuels essay

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of biofuels.
Discusion Biofuels are defined as alternative fuels produced from biomass of agricultural products or industrial and municipal waste.
Subsequently, biodiesels and an overview of biodiesel production will be examined.

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For example, you can get this question for ielts writing task 2: pacem in terris essay This essay topic is related to tourism. With hunger and malnutrition issues already at the fore of the global conscience, it is worthwhile to debate whether the bigger need is to fuel or to feed. Growing Demands, currently, biofuels fulfill less than 3 of global fuel usage. However, the fact remains that biofuels are a reliable alternative energy resource. The Other Side of the Coin. If the land used to grow a biofuel feedstock has to be cleared of native vegetation, then ecological damage is done in three ways.

Though there are many ways to structure your ielts essay, well use this time-tested band 9 essay structure: Introduction, body paragraph 1 advantages, body paragraph 2 disadvantages, conclusion. So, even though biofuels may be able to help ease our energy needs, they won't solve all of our problems. By reducing dependence on foreign fuel sources, countries can protect the integrity of their energy resources and make them safe from outside influences.

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