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Martin Esslins critical essay The Theatre of the Absurd, this course focuses on the main currents of twentieth-century modern drama. They affect our ways of thinking about, representing, and enacting human relationships in surprising and predictable ways. Shakespearean drama In this course students will begin by learning the basics of Shakespearean drama (including correct terminology then quickly move on to examine Shakespeares dramatic art in two genres: comedy and tragedy. And what do we mean when we call a work of literature modern? Usually with growing pains come loss of innocence, anxiety, transformation, and sometimesthough not alwayswiser ways. Literary Genre: fables ETC.

The texts at the core of our inquiry belong to different genres, including a novel ( The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini a novella ( Reunion, by Fred Uhlman chosen poems (such as Anne Sextons Demon, and Gertrude Steins Por-trait of Picasso) and short stories. Students will see that the way science fiction treats character, plot, and setting, is quite different from treatments in mimetic novels that strive to represent reality.

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THE gothic Themes of madness, the supernatural, death, incest, and the repressed will haunt our readings and our discussions. . Charles Johnsons volume of cartoons, Black Humor, is a pun on blackness and black as a style of humor. The early modern period (1500-1660) has been heralded as a golden age of English literature. How is it that breaking all the rules can sometimes strengthen those very rules? The first unit examines tales of murder and depravity written by the master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe and discusses the questions these stories probe about deviance and its connection to human nature. Warning: this class may not be for the faint of heart! They will come away from the course having learned how to view the world through a feminist lens and with an understanding of why this is a valuable critical perspective, one that may lead them to explore further ways of becoming a force for positive. Furthermore, various indigenous (and sometimes isolated) peoples live in the region: they have survived a history of European colonialism, especially of Spanish and Portugese. We will begin our exploration by looking at a classic Russian play of love and self-doubt: The Seagull. We will explore how the representation of magic in literature has changed over five centuries by pairing famous works such as Shakespeares Macbeth, Millers The Crucible, Grimms Fairy-tales, and excerpts from Rowlings Harry Potter series with contextual readings from witch trial accounts, grimoires, and anthropological. THE belle Époque literature IN ITS socio-cultural context Literature can be enjoyed across temporal and geographic distances, just think of the Odyssey, or the Bible. Examples of the latter are poetic forms such as Haiku and Renga, short prose forms called Palm-of-Hand Stories, Prose Meditations, Kabuki and Nh theatre as well as the cinematic form commonly called Animé.

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