staying single vs being married essay

but also moral codes. Also when you are married you have someone to help you clean the house and to cook for you sometimes, and it is a whole lot better when you have two paychecks to pay for things than it is when you only have one check. They work enough to pay for their priorities and food. M, (December 31, 1969). Single people also have more time to go out with friends and socialize doing things like going to the gym and shopping. The responsibility is undeniable and a married people cant just stay away from home whenever they and as long as they want. When you are married you can not go out like that because you have to tell your wife what you did so she will not get mad at you for something that you did that night. B-Supporting details: Sngle people do not have any rules, they live their life like how they wanted to be, they only have to think about themseves.

Ask our professional writer! MegaEssays, "Disadvantages of Being Married. Finally, lifestyle which is a significant difference present in single people and married people. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, secondly, responsibility in another distinct difference between people who remain single and people who choose to get married. Being single is more about freedom and having a life that is all based on personal sole decisions, meanwhile the being married is about being responsible and thinking more as a family and making collective decisions instead of self-centered decisions.