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two short stories by the same author. Nowadays reading books is an integral part of our life. Supplement your lesson with one or more of these options and challenge students to compare and contrast the texts. He displays and conveys the images of the harsh living conditions on the battlefields of France.

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The question of having a penguin as a pet has always aroused heated discussions. He compares the mud to a sucking octopus. We can learn this from the two war pieces of the film Platoon and the poetry of Wilfred Owen. Pair Story of An Hour with A Jury of Her Peers and ask students to compare these traditionally feminist texts. Are the protagonists sympathetic characters or misguided? How does each piece examine and present the rich inner lives of women?

9th Grade Short Story 800L, a Jury of Her Peers, susan Glaspell (1876-1948) was an American Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, actress, journalist, and pioneering feminist writer. What were the ideal husband and wife like? Have students think about the way in which the story urges support for social reform to ensure that women are able to function independently, and how this relates to the way in which equal opportunity for women helped build American industry during the war. He uses this to say that the men are trapped in the trenches by the muddy terrain and rain, making it impossible to escape.

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